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The connection of Araxos Airport with the airport of London was discussed in a meeting at City Hall, between the mayor of the city of Patras Mr. Giannis Dimaras and the Airport Master. They also discussed to start a campaign to promote the flights from the Airport of Araxos to London Airport.

In the same meeting was also attended Mrs. Katerina Sgoura who is the responsible, for the collection of the signatures, person which will be given to the airline companies in order to consider starting flights to London and back .

The Mayor of Patras and the Airport Manager signed the initiative campaign encouraging all citizens of Patras and around areas to support the effort. At the same time, Mr Dimaras discussed with Mr. Gkouvitsa on the possibilities of the touristic development of the region through the airport and other matters for the passenger services.

They also referred to the increase of the air traffic, because of the scheduled flights and also discussed the significant interest by Russian air companies. According to the Airport Manager, the air traffic this season was 15 % increased compared to last year. 

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