Araxos Airport Facilities

The airport of Araxos is part of the military airbase of the Greek Air Force. It was recently opened to allow the operation of a few commercial flights to service the needs of tourists from Northern Europe who booked their holidays to the Peloponnese and the Ionian islands like Zakynthos and Kefalonia.

The Airport of Araxos is small airport but it has all the facilities a traveler needs. In the departure lounge you can find gift shops, duty free shops and a very nice coffee shop where you can have a coffee, or a juice or a drink, and if you’re hungry there are small snack restaurants and fast food (small snacks, sandwiches, ice creams and do not forget to taste local specialties).

Also, the airport has a small parking for 75 cars, almost next to the areas of arrivals and departures, but because this airport does not provide security for the parking, does not make reservations for parking. We recommend to park your car in a guarded parking in the city of Patra and choosing either taxi or bus for your access to the airport.

At a glance

  • There are currently seven (7) airline companies which service flights to Araxos airport.
  • Information desk.
  • Duty-free shop.
  • Lost property should be made to the information desk.
  • There are three travel agencies and they have counters at the airport.
  • You can spend your waiting time at the cafe/bar. The cafe bar offer drinks and snacks.
  • Police Station.

Araxos Airport

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