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Patras is located in western Peloponnese, in a distance of 215 km Southwest from Athens. It is the third largest city in Greece with a population of around 250.000 people. 

The City of Patras is a very old city. It was founded as a roman colony by the Roman Emperor Augustus in 14 b.c.  and played over the years, an important role in the history of the Roman Empire. The port of Patras connects Greece with Italy and is the western passage of Greece in Europe.

In Patras you can combine both mountain and sea, since Patra is a seaside town, built on the roots of a mountain. The city of Patras is also known worldwide for the famous Patras Carnival which is organized in the city every year. The events for the carnival are starting with a very traditional way in 18th of January every year. A town crier goes out to the streets and loudly announces the beginning of carnival celebration. During the Carnival celebrations, Patras becomes a city full of color and fun.

Many different events take place across the city, every day, which include dances, parades, hidden treasure hunt, street theater, exhibitions. The celebrations last for at least 40 days and are completed with the great carnival parades at the last weekend and the burning of Carnival King at the port, in a fantastic ceremony with fireworks. This is an event that everyone must see at least one time in his life.

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